About Me

Bob Miller entered the international scene of photography in 2005. His
pictures have been viewed by over 4.5 million people worldwide on his
Flickr Website. He specializes in nature and landscape. His unique
style has earned him the respect of noted photographers across the globe.

He has been most noted for his landscape and wildlife photography on
the Blue Ridge Parkway. His photographs have appeared in many
publications worldwide, and other forms of media including movies,
calendars, music videos, museum exhibits and projected images in
classical concerts in Italy.

His work appears in major  Corporate Collections in Virginia, Washington DC
and elsewhere in the United States.

Some of his publications include National Geographic, Smithstonian 2.0,
JPG Magazine, Image Driven Magazine, In the Moment (an Australian Arts
Publication), WNC magazine, and local Central Virginia publications.
His photo Foggy Wood has been selected for the National Geographic book:
Simply Beautiful Photographs by Annie Griffins.

 His photos have also been used as cover pictures for books
and have been used by a New York Times Best Seller, John Ehle.

He has won both National and local awards for his photography. He won
second place in the National Parks Foundation “Share the Experience”
photo contest (2008). In 2007 and 2008, he placed first in the John
Faber Smith Mountain Arts Council photo contest. He was also awarded best
in show in Richmond  Virginia at a Juried show at Art Works.

His photography has been displayed in galleries around the world from
France to Switzerland. In Switzerland his photographs were featured in
the Musee de l’Elysee the largest photography museum in the world.

He has published four photography books: The Blue Ridge and Beyond,
Visual Destination: The Blue Ridge Parkway, and Dirt Track Racing, and
MTR Racing.


All my life I have been involved in photography, I have had a camera in
my hands from the age of five. I found the camera uniquely fascinating
in its ability to capture the moment. In later life, I have been
inspired both from famous photographers, who I count as my friends, to
artists that excel in their technique. In photography, I am constantly
trying to blend both art and photography in one medium. My goal is to
share the beauty of the earth that means so much to me and I hope to